New External Blog, Four New Edits

So I know that I’m supposed to post only on Sundays, but I’ve set up a new external blog located at

You may or may not have noticed but I usually post things like “Happy Yule” or whatever around the holidays. I practice Druidry, and you can view the link by clicking there or on Druidry in this site’s menu. The page covers writings on Earth-Centered Spirituality and politics for the most part.

Other than that, The Witching Wood gallery has been updated with five new uploads. If you want to look at them, go there or see the gallery below.

I’ve done a few other shots recently and I’ll find some way to put them into the galleries later. I’ll post my next update on the Sunday after that’s done. Here’s the gallery:

Anyway that’s everything I have for right now. Have a nice day.

Witching Wood Gallery Updated

There’s a total of 35 now. The new ones are shown above. To view the whole set, click this link: The Witching Wood Gallery.

I am going to continue to come back to this, I’ll probably make multiple gallery pages for it as that’s a lot of images to load tiles of on a cell phone or whatever. Anyway enjoy them.

Faux Paintings

These were stupidly easy to make; I just took three shots I’d already edited, clicked “filter/styilize/oil paint” in the Photoshop menu and played with the settings for the most part. After I set up the first one the last two I didn’t even have to touch a thing, so it was literally a matter of seconds to render each. Honestly I think the serendipity set shots worked out better even if I did the tinkering with the first image (I should probably share the original shot of that at some point; more Maymont, just the Italian Gardens up the hill).

They look interesting, though, if not really like oil paintings to me.

Serendipity Set Updated

I went ahead and since I’ve been doing new Maymont shots, added them in photo edit form to The Serendipity Set gallery. There’s 17 or 18 now (I think I had 18 unique edits but two were of the same exposure some how, so the duplicate was removed). The set is basically the Japanese Gardens of Maymont Park in RVA done in high key, soft focus, and other white light faded effects (the shots should look familiar).

It’s expanded now anyway. Click the link if you want to check out the entire gallery, or look below for a few of the new ones:

The Witching Wood Gallery Updated

So there are actually thirty shots in there as of now; I’m going to stop making new ones for a bit, but three of them are displayed above. I’ve been working on it for three days, I think it’s a solid photo edit gallery.

If you want to see the rest, click the link here or surf the menu to the galleries page and find it there.