Monochrome Leaf Adventures

I think I took these with a 35mm fast lens; a while back, actually. Here’s some monochrome experiments with them.

Sorry I’ve been away I’ve had all kinds of things flying in my general direction distracting me from photo work but I’m back now. I’ll probably resume regular posting towards the end of next week. Anyway enjoy the leaves.

Returning – Monochrome Tulip Edit

Alright so, I’ve been away, and will be getting back into things shortly. This is an old shot- I actually took it with a D50 years ago- redone in monochrome, the first photo I’ve edited since upgrading the desktop and reinstalling Windows (it failed to do updates for a few months so I went ahead and installed new hardware and reinstalled the OS).

I’m planning on actually taking the camera out and doing new photography soon. I haven’t gotten sick or anything but what’s happening out there is happening still. In any event I’m alright and will resume posting soon.