Nesting Osprey, Monochrome

So I have to apologize, this one’s slightly fuzzy but in my defense, two things:

  1. Equipment is an offbrand Tamron lens that I’m starting to discover has a number of minor flaws, no image stabilization/vibration reduction among them (kinda important for animals who don’t hold still)
  2. I have yet to learn the first thing about wildlife photography, and I’m really not used to shooting at max focal length (300mm in this case)

Basically I don’t know what I’m doing and my equipment is subpar (my other lenses are nice Nikon ones, as it turns out). In light of that I’m considering saving up for a better long lens and I’ll be picking up a book on wildlife photography to try and figure out how to actually use my camera properly for this sort of thing.

I took 31 shots of this nesting pair of ospreys today and this was one of the only clear(ish) shots with the osprey totally in the frame so this was kinda a beginner’s luck type of deal for me.

This nest was just off the road so I was standing almost right under it. Both of them were in the nest at various points and grabbing sticks to assemble it; in this shot this one had just landed with a stick, and the other was flying off fetching another one.

In defense of the Tamron lens to be honest nearly all of my excellent zoom and macro photography of flowers (like the orchids), and other closeups, etc., have been shot with it but I’ve noticed some really minor issues, the main one being the lack of image stabilization (which y’know it wasn’t exactly advertised as having). I have gotten a ton of awesome shots with the lens and it was and is still worth more than I paid for it.

Monochrome Leaf Adventures

I think I took these with a 35mm fast lens; a while back, actually. Here’s some monochrome experiments with them.

Sorry I’ve been away I’ve had all kinds of things flying in my general direction distracting me from photo work but I’m back now. I’ll probably resume regular posting towards the end of next week. Anyway enjoy the leaves.