Serendipity Set Updated

I went ahead and since I’ve been doing new Maymont shots, added them in photo edit form to The Serendipity Set gallery. There’s 17 or 18 now (I think I had 18 unique edits but two were of the same exposure some how, so the duplicate was removed). The set is basically the Japanese Gardens of Maymont Park in RVA done in high key, soft focus, and other white light faded effects (the shots should look familiar).

It’s expanded now anyway. Click the link if you want to check out the entire gallery, or look below for a few of the new ones:

Monochrome Leaf Adventures

I think I took these with a 35mm fast lens; a while back, actually. Here’s some monochrome experiments with them.

Sorry I’ve been away I’ve had all kinds of things flying in my general direction distracting me from photo work but I’m back now. I’ll probably resume regular posting towards the end of next week. Anyway enjoy the leaves.