Faux Paintings

These were stupidly easy to make; I just took three shots I’d already edited, clicked “filter/styilize/oil paint” in the Photoshop menu and played with the settings for the most part. After I set up the first one the last two I didn’t even have to touch a thing, so it was literally a matter of seconds to render each. Honestly I think the serendipity set shots worked out better even if I did the tinkering with the first image (I should probably share the original shot of that at some point; more Maymont, just the Italian Gardens up the hill).

They look interesting, though, if not really like oil paintings to me.

Mourning Dove Experiment

This actually started with a blurry shot (the dove not so much, the branches a lot as they were blowing in high winds). The pink is utterly unnatural, and I ran filters and did some brush touchup work to clean up odd areas of green/teal that remained in places then did a sumi-e filter at the end.

Feels like it needs a haiku attached or something. Anyway it looks vaguely like a painting now which is nice.

Festival of Lights, Photo Edit 1

Sorry, I can’t stop posting. Bad habit. This, regardless, is a photo edit obviously; I had a photo ruined by the blur and amped the colors and played with the lighting and so on (don’t ask me what I did, the last filter was an oil paint one in Photoshop, I cannot remember the rest).

An experiment but it came out really nice I thought. Anyway there’s a ton of shots that didn’t come out that I may be able to do things like this to and salvage as photo edits.