Rustic Outcast is my (Adam Shurte’s) photography and writing website. I’m an amateur writer and photographer. That is, I am a hobbyist who does writing and photography therapeutically, and I do not work professionally. Open the Menu to access both.

I work mostly in essays, fiction (typically speculative fiction), and poetry (Japanese traditional forms and free verse primarily) with my writing, and with the camera I mostly do fine arts photography, which means for me art for art’s sake. Photographic subject matter ranges from street and travel to architectural and natural subjects. I am planning to expand into portrait photography and other areas eventually.

Larger galleries (there are several) are available under the Photography page.
There are several artistic craft essays located under the Writings page for anyone who’s interested in them. There will be more essays in the future on an array of subject matter. Fiction and poetry may show up eventually as well.

I’m kicking around the idea of a “Radio Free Mordor” podcast or something right now. Either way I grabbed the name first. Stay tuned.

The site is, as of now, static. The blog is over and done with. If you’ve subscribed, you should receive no further updates.

To contact me, use the contact form, which is possibly broken (I haven’t been able to determine if it works, and nobody’s sent me anything to my knowledge to date). Commenting is disabled.

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