New Photos Added to Serendipity Set

The Serendipity Set is my high key color gallery of Maymont Park’s Japanese Gardens; I’ve added three photo edits to the gallery (seen above; for entire gallery, click here: The Serendipity Set).

There’s six total now, and probably more to come in the future; go check them out.

Edit (11:21 PM EST): Added another four shots to the set, go look, there’s ten total now.

Returning – Monochrome Tulip Edit

Alright so, I’ve been away, and will be getting back into things shortly. This is an old shot- I actually took it with a D50 years ago- redone in monochrome, the first photo I’ve edited since upgrading the desktop and reinstalling Windows (it failed to do updates for a few months so I went ahead and installed new hardware and reinstalled the OS).

I’m planning on actually taking the camera out and doing new photography soon. I haven’t gotten sick or anything but what’s happening out there is happening still. In any event I’m alright and will resume posting soon.