Hungry Mother State Park Forest Shot 1

Apparently I was out in bear country earlier this week and here’s the first of the shots I’ve uploaded and edited. Luckily I didn’t run into any. Only got one good day with the camera but got 250 shots that day hiking a six mile loop around the lake at Hungry Mother State Park in VA so there should be some more good ones. I’ll post some more soon and try and keep it to one post a day.

Monochrome Leaf Adventures

I think I took these with a 35mm fast lens; a while back, actually. Here’s some monochrome experiments with them.

Sorry I’ve been away I’ve had all kinds of things flying in my general direction distracting me from photo work but I’m back now. I’ll probably resume regular posting towards the end of next week. Anyway enjoy the leaves.

Fish Delivery (Two Ospreys)

This wasn’t technically a great shot but I found it interesting; I was packing to leave after not getting any decent photos shot (after a long drive out to the Chesapeake Bay) and a nesting osprey I could barely get at max focal length started going crazy and making lots of noise.

Then I guess his or her mate came back with a fish in hand and dropped it off in the nest before flying somewhere else. I was barely able to get my camera out in time to catch a few shots.