Adam Shurte Photography is my photography blog. I’m an amateur photographer. That is, I am a hobbyist who does photography therapeutically, and I do not work professionally. Mostly I do fine arts photography, which means for me art for art’s sake. Subject matter ranges from street and travel to architectural and natural subjects. I am planning to expand into portrait photography and other areas eventually.

The format, as of now, is simply photographs (single or small galleries) on every post, which is all you’ll get in your news feed if you subscribe.

Larger galleries (there are several) are available under the Photography page.
There are several artistic craft essays located under the Writings page for anyone who’s interested in them.

To contact me, use the contact form, which is possibly broken (I haven’t been able to determine if it works, and nobody’s sent me anything to my knowledge to date), or make a comment. Comments are subject to moderation, and can be deleted for any reason whatsoever. The site is, by design, politically neutral. If you want to talk politics, take it elsewhere, because I will be deleting your remarks on seeing them.

All of the above is subject to change at any time. If I decide I don’t want to deal with comments I will make commenting impossible; if I decide to change the format of the site I’ll do that as well.

Everything’s Copyright 2019, All rights reserved.

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