Possibly Relocating the Site

In sorta bad news for those who subscribe, I’m almost certainly relocating this site to https://adamshurte.blog just for sake of having a more professional sounding URL that matches up with my portfolio site (https://adamshurte.com).

I have paid for renewal of all three of these sites for this year (adamshurte.com, adamshurte.blog, rusticoutcast.blog) and basically what I may wind up doing is having a weird hobbyist/writing site at this URL or something else altogether. That or I’ll not renew next year and let it bite the dust.

What that means if you subscribed is that I’m going to delete all subscriptions to this URL and will, when appropriate, post the new site at adamshurte.blog (which you can subscribe to if you want to). That way when the if/when content here shifts to something else you won’t get emailed, and you can debate whether or not you want to subscribe to the new one. They’re both hosted on wordpress servers so it’s up to you if you want to do that.

I don’t know when I’ll have time to do that, I’ll probably be sporadically posting new images and eventually I’ll go ahead and transfer things over. I’ll also leave a “sticky note” relocation notice at the top of the page for a month or so afterwards.

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