A Bit Busy

So basically I’m in a medical coding class that’s 3 months long and really intense. I spent yesterday getting caught up (think like schoolwork for almost ten solid hours) not realizing how difficult the coursework was. It’ll be over in late May, so between then and now I’m not sure how much I’ll get done. I am hoping once it’s done, I can find work, and then be able to do more photography more regularly because I’ll have some external structure to my life, but we’ll see. In the past I’ve always done more creative work when employed, and I’ve been disabled a long time so…

I do want to spend some of the year especially during the wait for a vaccine working through my archive and just getting the galleries properly filled out (sadly they’re just a fraction of my work, to be totally honest, and much of it is more recent work; I’m just horribly organized and not a professional (yet) it turns out). Like later tonight my nocturnal self is going to be studying…medical coding for hours and I hope I can do a few edits here and there but it’s like nonstop studying with anything medical, I’m finding.

But hopefully I’ll find work and have some income I can throw towards travel and so on when this is through. Meanwhile I won’t be posting as often I’m pretty sure.

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