New Photos, Fatigue, Updates…

Hey, so long story short, I did post about a recent manic episode. The usual happened; they put me in a hospital for a while and I’m on new meds and as of today I’m almost too tired to function at all, not entirely from, but partially from, said medications.

So that’s gonna put a damper on new posting I have a feeling, or at least new photography. Today I’ve been awake three hours and I’m like probably barely awake enough to safely drive after a cup of coffee and half a pot of tea. What I’ve decided to do is just work on sorting out fatigue between now and when the pandemic is (sort of, for the West at least) over and enough of the population is vaccinated for a return to normality (if that’s ever coming back). I may well not take the camera out for a long while. What I will do instead is get through my archive backlog, and fill up the galleries. I’m debating setting up a smugmug site or etsy site for selling prints in the meantime as well; we’ll see what happens. I’m not super enthused to be setting the camera aside for a few months (I’ll probably be vaccinated sooner than most of the population thanks to pre-existing health conditions) but maybe it’s best if I get all my work to date uploaded, protected, and for sale somehow or other.

I have, as of yesterday, uploaded two new images (two versions of each, one for the Forest Photography gallery and one for The Elven Wood gallery of each); they’re in the gallery below.

I’m going to get back into writing which just makes more sense for social distancing (I’m hoping creative expression, done regularly like I used to, will help a bit with energy, but that’s not totally likely); I used to do a fair bit of essays, poetry, and short fiction (as well as the odd novel that wasn’t worth publishing) so maybe that sort of thing will start to show up on the other site before long.

Either way I’m suspending regular posting on both sites but things will be updated piecemeal. I’ll try and make a note after any major updates.

Other than that I’m hopefully going to be doing some healthcare education type stuff to break into that field and out of disability; prior to being disabled I was always more creatively productive when I had regular work and structure but what with fatigue who knows what’s happening. I do plan on getting a little more well rounded with photography via an intensive course somewhere down the road but I’m not sure when that’ll happen. For what it’s worth, it may amuse some of you to know I’m a natural light photographer in a bad way- I barely know how to use the flash (generally speaking, I don’t…ever). As a self-taught photographer, I am really rough around the edges even if some of my stuff is really good.

I’ll post updates as any of the above changes, or I feel I’m healthy enough to commit to regular posting once more.

Hope you have a good day however you’re doing, and I’ll try and visit your blogs as well in time I’m just really tanked out energy-wise today, it seems to get slowly worse with every passing today and it’s a new low today.

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