New External Blog, Four New Edits

So I know that I’m supposed to post only on Sundays, but I’ve set up a new external blog located at

You may or may not have noticed but I usually post things like “Happy Yule” or whatever around the holidays. I practice Druidry, and you can view the link by clicking there or on Druidry in this site’s menu. The page covers writings on Earth-Centered Spirituality and politics for the most part.

Other than that, The Witching Wood gallery has been updated with five new uploads. If you want to look at them, go there or see the gallery below.

I’ve done a few other shots recently and I’ll find some way to put them into the galleries later. I’ll post my next update on the Sunday after that’s done. Here’s the gallery:

Anyway that’s everything I have for right now. Have a nice day.

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