Festival Of Lights, Photo Edit 2 (Before and After, not in that order)

Above is the work I wanted to display, the final image. In the name of doing something a little differently, I’m going to display the image I came up with and the one, below, that I started with.

Way more of my exposures from the other night came out like this than I’d care to admit, but again, handheld photography in really low light without my glasses on and reliant totally on autofocus and luck yields results like this more often than not:

And here’s the original negative, which is basically not fixable no matter how much ordinary touching up you do to it.

Basically it’s a crummy exposure all around even if the composition can be worked with, and the only way to “fix” it was to play with the lighting and colors and special effects and ultimately to use the oil paint filter to smear the hell out of areas that were washed out with too much bright light and saturation. I started by editing out the orbs in the sky and well I forget what I did after- mostly Camera RAW filter work and stuff in Color Efex Pro back and forth. When I got a fiery look I liked I started amping that and the final result can be seen. I’ll post a two image gallery below so you can go back and forth without scrolling.

Anyway it’s a thing I do sometimes with good compositions and bad exposures (turn them into digital paintings of sorts with effects).

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