Festival of Lights (Ginter Botanical Gardens, RVA); Shot 1

So it was basically an effort at doing the impossible but I took my 35mm fixed focal length lens into the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens during the Festival of Lights tonight and shot about 518 exposures handheld, despite the crowds and maneuvering around family members and children running all over the place.

I basically had to have the aperture wide as it’d get (f/1.8, which was problematic in most of the shots) and the ISO amped (started with 1000 at sunset and as dusk and night progressed it got into 2000 and higher). You’re only supposed to hang around for an hour after you get in, so I was literally force marching back and forth and composing on the fly while trying to not lose sight of my relatives. My mask made my glasses fog up, so I had to take them off and use auto focus and basically shoot without seeing anything clearly. A lot of the photos will need rotating and cropping, or other editing; I’m not sure how many will come out, but this is the first one I’ve touched up, and it looks fairly nice.

I’m guessing when I get to doing photo edits I’ll have some extremely trippy effects (the above is basically true to life with the colors; I haven’t done much beyond standard touching up of it).

I’m still looking over them as I just got back and there’s a ton to sort through but I’ll be posting these now and then as they get completed. Probably the last photography of 2020, which hasn’t been great for it overall, but this was a nice outing. There should be at least a few more, so enjoy them.

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