Tulip, Returning

So basically, here’s where I am:

My neck is still kinda messed up, at this point I’m assuming it’s another permanent injury. Such is life; it’s kinda hard checking my blind spot on the left side when I’m driving but it’s not that bad, and some muscle tends to pop and be painful intermittently. Probably was whiplash; I guess there’s nothing to be done but start working out again if at all possible.

Apart from that, I’m about to dust off the camera and start shooting again, as soon as this storm system clears out in a few days’ time. Might do some stuff around the house in the meantime, might not. We’ll see.

The Ginter Botanical Garden in RVA is slowly reopening towards the end of this month/beginning of July for members, so I hope to visit there and do some floral photography. Other than that I’ll be experimenting with a 35mm prime lens doing nature and possibly urban photography, and if I can find anyone who wants me doing their portraits locally, I will be attempting to do that as well, although I’m not sure how many non-family members that would be thanks to the joy of face masks, social distancing, and all the other carnage associated with the virus.

The tulips are from earlier this year, I forgot to post them earlier. I really was scraping the bottom of the barrel for things from the archive to edit, but I’ll be out doing new stuff soon enough. What I may do is try and get my portfolio together in the next few days, and perhaps an artist’s statement. Other than that, expect new photos in the next few days, and hopefully a return to regular posting on that 7PM EST schedule.

Hope you’re staying well and healthy wherever and whomever you may be.

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