Shockoe Bottom View, RVA, Photomanipulation (and some notes)

This is an ancient, early experiment with night photography using a borrowed six megapixel Nikon D50 from before I knew what I was doing. The manipulation work is new, and I was able to clean up a nasty orb type thing from dust on the lens or something that ruined the old shot. It’s in the cobblestones, you should be able to spot where I roughly covered it up if you’ve got a sharp eye.

While we’re all under stay-at-home orders I’ve got nothing to do beyond working through my archive, so there’s gonna be a healthy mix of redone D50 camera shots in with my newer stuff. Expect the quality of things in the blog to vary. My D5500, which I currently use, is way more powerful and modern, and I actually know a lot more about photography than I did when I shot this one and others like it.

Hope you enjoyed the gag from yesterday…I won’t be resorting to fauxtography unless this pandemic stuff drags on way longer than anyone hopes it will and I’m just that desperate to edit something.

Other than that I’m going to make new portfolios and post them (probably color and monochrome ones, and photomanipulation ones). The galleries, which nobody really looks at, have been cleaned up of lower quality stuff and are still hidden in the menu if you want to check them out. You can see them here.

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