General Update…

No photos in this post, but a few things…

One is that I cannot go out and take new photos for the most part thanks to the pandemic. So while there’s actually a lot in my archive to work through, I won’t be doing any new shooting outside of like maybe macro around the house or whatever.

On the other hand, I love post-processing photos, so old photos I’ve already done are being redone, and some of the stuff I didn’t get to is getting gotten to.

Expect a lot of stuff that I might’ve floated in another version elsewhere or here on the web earlier, in other words, just remade or improved. I plan on doing a lot of experiments with photo manipulation- so if you like that sort of thing, expect much more of it. It’s kinda how I’m fighting off cabin fever and insanity at the moment.

Other than that I’m backing up my negatives and my Photoshop project files as I write this- I’ve got 16,000 odd unique negatives and about I’d guess 1700-2000 unique project files done (thanks to my idiotic non-existent organizational skills, many of the project files are duplicated in various places on my hard drive so I don’t know for sure yet). A lot of it is junk or mediocre stuff but for better or worse, that’s what I got done in a bit over a decade of pursuing this as a hobby and therapy. But to be quite honest, I’ve got quite a few more gems than I deserve to have with that grand total of shots taken digitally and toyed with in PS and PS Elements. I’m kinda surprised in hindsight by both of those numbers- the low number of negatives, and the high number of edited projects…

I’ve decided that after this mess is over I’m going to pursue photography professionally again and at least see how good I can get at it if all else fails when I’m doing it daily, rather than sporadically. Obviously if I worked at it daily, I’d get more done, have a vaster archive, etc. (and be a lot better at this, but everything from money to mental health woes to ordinary discouragement has stopped me over the years, never mind that I’ve always pursued writing a lot more intensely- with, honestly, much less to show for it I guess). I’m also hoping to expand into other areas of photography (portrait photography, wildlife photography, and more urban daylight photography in particular sound appealing to me).

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, enjoy, or like my work, and I’ll try to get around to your blogs as well soon enough. There should be more work soon assuming my external hard drives don’t burst into flames in protest over the next few hours.

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