The Virus and Voluntary Social Isolation

Another PSA, this one related to things viral:

Click here for all the charts you can eat.

Basically long story short, I skimmed the old version of the article a few days back. Part of it advocates for voluntary isolation. That doesn’t keep anyone from getting sick, but it keeps the disease from spreading as quickly and hammering emergency response all at once. Instead of an everyone getting sick really quick and hospitals, etc., being overwhelmed, there’s staggered spread of the disease, which buys them time to turn over patients and treat people; additionally it buys time for a vaccine or treatment to be made. This all in turn reduces the number of deaths from the disease overall, and the article’s got the charts to explain it all.

So if you don’t have to go out, you probably shouldn’t. I’m lucky; I’m disabled and on disability, so I can just hole up easily, and that’s what I’m doing. Hopefully the government comes up with a real response here stateside soon, and starts shutting things down seriously.

Much as I wanted to be out and about and attempting to get back on my feet this spring I think we’re all going to be shut-ins shortly no matter what…

Stay alive if you can, especially if you’re in one of the more at-risk populations (elderly, underlying health conditions, etc.)

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