Rustic Outcast
is my (Adam Shurte’s) photography and writing website. I’m an amateur photographer and writer…and this is basically my little digital garden. That is, I am a hobbyist who does writing and photography therapeutically, and I do not work professionally (I am disabled). Open the Menu to access both.

Larger galleries (there are several) are available under the Photography page. Currently it’s mostly travel and street photography; lots of nature and landscapes, lots of urban night shots, and other odds and ends. I’m hoping to expand into more areas eventually, and to expand upon work I’ve already done.

There are several artistic craft essays, and a few Taoist type things, located under the Writings page for anyone who’s interested in them. Written subject matter might expand from there in the future.

The site is currently static. The blog is gone for now, but may be returning; I’m planning on changing things up a bit soon. Regardless, photos and essays get added periodically, all the same. I don’t post when I update so you just have to look through the archives.

To contact me, use the contact form.

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