Welcome to Adam Shurte Photography. I’m an amateur photographer looking to go professional, and this is basically my little digital garden. I have an Artist’s Statement here. Portfolios are viewable offsite at https://adamshurte.com.

Larger galleries (there are several) are available under the Galleries page. Currently it’s mostly travel and street photography; lots of nature and landscapes, lots of urban night shots, and other odds and ends. Some is normal, more or less true to life traditional photography, other things are unabashedly photo edits and manipulations. I’m hoping to expand into more areas eventually, and upon work I’ve already done.

The blog is, as of now (1/11/21) on a single weekly update post (Sunday evenings at or before midnight EST). I will update the galleries sporadically and if there are any updates to any of them throughout the week, those of you who’ve subscribed will get them. In other words, there’s really no more blogging here indefinitely.

To contact me, use the contact form.

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