War on Terror Deaths

Below’s the count (actually an under count) of the estimated death toll of the War on Terror as of 2018. It’s worth glancing at (and noting there’s a lot of the relevant cost of war that isn’t included).


It’s worth noting that the 500,000 not mentioned dead in Syria added to the above 500,000 or so adds up to a million dead people. The count’s still rising and there’s a couple countries that basically got bulldozed. So there’s refugees, wounded, mentally ill, and more than that going on.

Some Human Rights Activism in the Future

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

If you’ve never read that document, I’d like to invite you to read it today. It’s basically the proposed world order that was established following the various atrocities of World War II in an effort to make sure they’d never happen again.

It didn’t take very long for everyone to stop caring, and now we’ve got this delightful world situation where the human rights centered order is all but buried and human rights are only invoked to throw blame on what someone else is doing; they’re never, it seems, enforced very strongly locally.

In light of the nonstop political madness that is on-going throughout the world, I’ve decided to end the apolitical nature of the website and start writing essays and articles again. Specifically, I’m going to try and do a little human rights activism (human meaning, everyone alive on Earth and homo sapiens, no exceptions for any status). It’s my opinion that we’ll either reclaim and establish the human rights order, or we’ll just have those who learned the lessons of history doomed to watch it repeating itself perpetually in all its gory horror.

I’m thinking I’ll post essays and articles in a bi-monthly news post. There might be lengthier pieces in the works, but it really depends on my mental health and ability to complete such things. Either way twice a month you’ll get notified to any new posts elsewhere on the site, and linked to them.