Welcome to Adam Shurte Photography. I’m an amateur photographer looking to go professional, and this is basically my little digital garden. I have an Artist’s Statement here. Portfolios are viewable offsite at https://adamshurte.com.

*Note: As of 2-26-21, the site is effectively mothballed until June when I complete my current medical coding coursework. No new blog posts or gallery updates or anything until that is over and done with.

Larger galleries (there are several) are available under the Galleries page. Currently it’s mostly travel and street photography; lots of nature and landscapes, lots of urban night shots, and other odds and ends. Some is normal, more or less true to life traditional photography, other things are unabashedly photo edits and manipulations. I’m hoping to expand into more areas eventually, and upon work I’ve already done.

I do practice polytheist Druidry (if you’re interested I can recommend the Druidism subreddit as well as it’s info and link list located here). I also write, but am taking a break from that as well (see the above notice or the sticky post in the blog for more details). The link in the sidebar for Druidry does go to my writing blog site but it’s not online right now, so click that if you like to see WordPress privacy notices.

There is a contact form, but I’d prefer to not be contacted until June, and likewise, if you use it for any casual or friendly inquiries you can fully expect to be ignored in the meantime. I am not available for any professional inquiries when it comes to photography or writing until I get certified at the earliest.

I do have plans to set up a print shop online eventually, but not anytime soon unfortunately. Hopefully that’ll become a reality by the end of the year.

Everything’s Copyright 2019-2021, Adam Shurte. All rights reserved.