So I basically got myself hurt twice, and what with what’s probably whiplash from starting a stubborn engine (think wood shredder, not lawn mower), I’ve been taking a break from photography and wordpress. In good news my foot injury’s mostly healed, so I’ll be back soon though.

No idea when I’ll do any new photography as cameras are not fun with neck injuries etc., and the state isn’t quite reopened yet, but we’ll see what happens. I’ve canned even trying to do a regular post til I’m feeling better but there might be photo edits and such soon enough. I’ll try and get back to viewing everyone else’s sites and work again soon too.

Have a good one.

Flower Gallery

Happy Beltane if you celebrate it! Here’s some flowers from the archive I dug up and touched up. Probably not my best shots but I can’t exactly go out and take many new ones right now. I’ll be back to normal posting soon, hopefully starting early next week.

I did manage to get hurt/injured in two places so I’ve been out of it, but enjoy the flowers and the rest of Beltane.

Alien Bloom, Photomanipulation (Originally a tulip)

All the colors here are absolutely not natural but I liked the way the bloom came out.

Sorry I missed the 7 PM deadline; kinda debating taking a hiatus from posting due to the lockdown, but there may be some roses and more azaleas soon (they’re blooming at the moment).